Welcome to the My Czech Republic Blog

About the Authors

Hi, we’re Dana and Jeff Shanberg, authors of this blog. We’re married and are living in Prague. This is our second go-around in this amazing city. We lived here in the mid-1990s and eventually moved away to live a different life in another country. When we left Prague, we didn’t know that the city would work its proverbial magic and start pulling us back several years later. Unable to resist, we returned in 2004 to start yet another stage in our lives.

We run two websites on the Czech Republic. Local Lingo was started in 1998 and is now a site that tries to help those interested in learning Czech. My Czech Republic branched out from Local Lingo in 2003 as a resource covering first-hand information about various aspects of Czech life and travel.

This blog has been around since 2005. We think of it as a sort of notebook containing observations from our daily lives in the Czech Republic that we think someone out there might find interesting, useful, amusing or even educational in some way. In 2013, we were joined by guest author Katia Sand, a Belgian native who has been living in Prague since September 2012.


Dana is a born Moravian. She moved to Prague in 1994 and left for America three years later. That’s where she and Jeff started Local Lingo and later My Czech Republic. Convinced that the Czech Republic is where she belongs, Dana returned to Prague in 2004 and has continued expanding the website. Her passions are travel, reading, and writing.


Jeff is a Californian with Czech roots. He came to Prague in 1993 to spend a year of adventure. A year extended into four and Jeff finally went back home in 1997 to get his MBA degree. Little did he know that he’d be settling in Prague again seven years later. Jeff is an IT expert, a research guru, a professional photographer, and a passionate traveler.


Katia is a Belgian native who studied in Scotland and went to work in America, where she met her Czech boyfriend. In September 2012 she moved to Prague to live with him and is quickly falling in love with the city as well. Her passions are travel and adventure and reading and writing about them!