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Czech Elections Result in Stalemate

by Jeff on June 4, 2006 · 0 comments

The voting is over and the results are in for the fourth elections to the Chamber of Deputies since the split of Czechoslovakia in 1993. There was a higher voter turnout this year (64.5%) than four years ago (59%). The center-right ODS (Civic Democrats) won the elections with 35.38% of the vote and center-left ČSSD (Social Democrats) came in second with 32.32%. This is after eight years of ČSSD in power.

When converting the percentages into the number of seats in the Chamber of Deputies, it looks unlikely that a majority government will be formed. The Civic Democrats/Christian Democrats/Green Party coalition would only get 100 seats, which is the same number the Social Democrats/Communist Party coalition would have. ODS will begin negotiations and has not ruled out a grand coalition with ČSSD.

I have linked to some news articles below:

ČTK (Czech News Agency)
Topolanek has ambition to form govt, does not exclude CSSD
Chances to form coalition govt slim — analysts
ODS wins elections, left has half seats in lower house

BBC News
Czech election ends in deadlock

Czechs face post-election deadlock

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