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Czech Tongue Twisters

by Jeff on April 30, 2010 · 2 comments

We have a number of Czech tongue twisters on our Czech language learning site Local Lingo. We are in the process of adding audio for all of the tongue twisters and making them easy to listen to. Just press play – no software needed.

Here are a few popular tongue twisters with slow and normal speed audio.

If you would like to suggest a Czech tongue twister to include on Local Lingo, please let us know in the comments.

Click on the “play” button to hear the audio.

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/musicplayer.swf?song_url=http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/strc-prst-skrz-krk.mp3″ width=”17″ height=”17″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]

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[/kml_flashembed]Strč prst skrz krk.
[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/musicplayer.swf?song_url=http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/strc-prst-skrz-krk-slow.mp3″ width=”17″ height=”17″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]

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[/kml_flashembed]slow version
    Stick your finger through your throat.

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/musicplayer.swf?song_url=http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/pstros-s-pstrosici-a-malymi-pstrosacaty.mp3″ width=”17″ height=”17″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]

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[/kml_flashembed]Pštros s pštrosicí a malými pštrosáčaty.
[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/musicplayer.swf?song_url=http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/pstros-s-pstrosici-a-malymi-pstrosacaty-slow.mp3″ width=”17″ height=”17″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]

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[/kml_flashembed]slow version
    A male ostrich with a female ostrich and baby ostriches went to the ostrich house.

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/musicplayer.swf?song_url=http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/tristatriatricet-stribrnych-krepelek-preletelo-pres-tristatriatricet-stribrnych-strech.mp3″ width=”17″ height=”17″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]

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[/kml_flashembed]Třistatřiatřicet stříbrných křepelek přeletělo přes třistatřiatřicet stříbrných střech.
[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/musicplayer.swf?song_url=http://blog.myczechrepublic.com/audio/tristatriatricet-stribrnych-krepelek-preletelo-pres-tristatriatricet-stribrnych-strech-slow.mp3″ width=”17″ height=”17″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]

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[/kml_flashembed]slow version
    Three hundred and thirty three silver quails flew over three hundred and thirty three silver roofs.


Czech Roundup 31-May-09

by Jeff on May 31, 2009 · 0 comments

Czech student film wins prize at Cannes festival

Congratulations to Zuzana Špidlová!  Her film Bába was awarded the top prize for the best student and youth film at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.

Slovak, Czech ForMins want youth to better know the other language

Even though the Czech and Slovak languages are similar, Czech and Slovak children are having a more difficult time understanding each other’s language.

New British star Susan Boyle to record her CD in Prague

Susan Boyle, Britain’s Got Talent runner-up and YouTube video star, will record her CD with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, according to idnes.cz.

George Lucas appeals for Czech filming incentives

Tax incentives have been discussed before.  Will a law be passed to help the Czech film industry compete with European countries that have them?


Exceedingly Open

August 28, 2007

We went to Petřín on Sunday and as we were walking down the steps toward the Castle, we passed by a sign informing visitors that the Large Garden Tunnel (one of the underground passages beneath Petřín) was having a special open day. I thought the English translation on the sign was priceless!


October 26, 2006

Here’s my discovery of the day: It is not Czech! It really wasn’t making any sense to me. Whenever I’ve watched a Borat episode on HBO, I’ve wondered why Sacha Baron Cohen’s Kazakh character greets the viewers with the very Czech sounding Jagshemash. What does Kazakhstan have to do with the Czech Republic? Did Mr. Cohen decide […]

Welcome to My Server

July 22, 2006

I read an article in the Prague Daily Monitor this week that was overflowing with the word server. There would be nothing wrong with that had the article been about servers, or at least one server. But the article wasn’t about servers. It was about a website. Here are a few excerpts from the text: “Many mistakes on […]